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BASF Catalysts division serves the oleochemical and edible oil industry with a broad variety of catalyst technologies, e.g. hydrogenation and bleaching clays for oil purification. BASF also offers innovative solutions for the biodiesel industry and catalysts to enter the glycerin value chain. It is dedicated to offering high-quality products, supported by its customer and technical assistance.*


BDI - BioEnergy International AG

BDI is a market and technology leader for the construction of tailor-made biodiesel plants based on its patented multi-feedstock process it developed in house. Its technology enables biodiesel to be produced from different raw
materials such as palm sludge oils and palm oil mill effl uent.


Bühler AG

Bühler is specialised in oilseeds preparation, providing processes and machines for oilseeds. The company says it has sophisticated know-how and modern technologies.


Buss ChemTech

Buss ChemTech is recognised by major chemical producers as a world-leading process technology supplier for gas/liquid reactions, including hydrogenation, alkoxylation, amination, methylation, quarternisation and many others. Its technology is employed extensively in many markets, including oleochemical derivatives. It provides development and engineering
services and turn-key installations.


Chemtech International

Chemtech International Ltd is a manufacturing and process engineering
company supplying the margarine, bakery, gelatine, cocoa, pastry and confectionery industries.


Crown Iron Works

Crown Iron Works provides complete design and supply services for oilseed and vegetable oil processing worldwide. Crown specialises in preparation, extraction, refi ning, biodiesel and oleochemical technology. Crown has additional offi ces in Argentina, Brazil, China, England, Germany, Honduras, Mexico, Russia and Ukraine.


Desmet Ballestra

The Desmet Ballestra Group is a world leader in the fields of engineering and supply of plants and equipment for the oils, fats and animal feed industries; the detergents, surfactants and related chemical industries; and the oleochemical and biodiesel industries.


DNR Process Solutions

DNR Process Solutions provides integrated industrial IT and automation solutions and, at OFI Asia, will exhibit its integrated process control and automation system (IPCAS), tank farm storage inventory management system
(POIMS), material movement, tracking, stock (PALM TRACK), accounting, quality and reconciliation system and Max Pro, its plant maintenance management system.



EMEC Enterprise Sdn Bhd (EMEC) is a leading manufacturer and service provider for weihing, filling, bagging, packaging, oil and food process plant and plant automation. It provides end-to-end solutions to meet its customers' requirements.


Felda Global Ventures


Fenix Process Technologies

Founded in 2006, Fenrix is proficient in providing both design and equipment solutions along with process technologies for the edible oils and fats sector. It provides trunkey projects and process technologies for edible oil refining, biodiesel production, chemicals distillation and use oil refining.


Fundiciones Balaguer SA


GEA Process Engineering

GEA Process Engineering is a leader in industrial drying technology and a number of related technologies, including dry condensing vacuum systems for the edible oil industry. Dry condensing is an energy efficient solution and, over the past two decades, GEA has delivered more than 40 major plants worldwide.



Established in 1954, GekaKonus GmbH has more than 60 years experience in heating technology and more than 45 years experience with high pressure steam boilers for process heating in the edible oil industry and thermal oil process heating.


Gerstenberg Services

Gerstenberg Services A/S – a subsidiary of Gerstenberg & Agger A/S – offers a widerange of spare parts for perfector SSHEsfor margarine production and has recentlydesigned a new flexible tubular SSHE,which will soon be introduced. News on this machine will be presented at OFI Asia 2014.


HTI-Gesab GmbH

HTI-Gesab provides high temperature systems for the process industry and provides heaters, including oil/gas fired thermal oil boilers, oil/gas fired hot water boilers and oil/gas fired high pressure steam boilers (natural circulation boilers).



Intersonikon is an engineering and design company that focuses on developing and building processing plants. Its plants include physical refining, dry fractionation, hydrogenation and interesterification plants, among others, for the processing of edible products such as palm oil, palm kernel oil, seed oil (soyabean, rapeseed, corn oil), coconut oil and any other types of oil. Collaborating with its partners, it has the capability to develop and build ester plants and biodiesel plants, as well as glycerine refining and distillation plants up to the pharmaceutical grade. Additionally, it is certified with QMS ISO 9001:2008.*


Kay Jay Chill Rolls

Kay Jay Chill Rolls is a manufacturer of flaker rolls and cracker rolls for the oil mill and other industries. In 2007, it entered into a joint venture with Walzen Irle, Germany. It also produces roll grinding and fluting machines and roll sand blasting machines.


KLK Oleo

KLK Oleo says it provides excellence in the oleochemicals industry.



Körting says its steam jet ejectors operate virtually in every process stage of edible oil production. Besides the conventional barometric vacuum systems, Körting supplies alternative systems with minimised water and air pollution and lowest energy consumption, such as ice condensation or systems
operating in a closed alkaline circle (ACL).



Lipico offers customer-centric solutions in the oils and fats industries and specialises in the design and supply of a full range of refining and oleochemical processes, including chemiccal and physical refining, fractionation, hydrogenation, interesterification, degumming, dewaxing and transesterification for the production of edible oils, speciality fats and biodiesel, as well as oleochemical products such as fatty acids, glycerine and
methyl esters.



Mahle Industry provides ecological and economical solutions that aim to meet
increasing requirements in worldwide food and beverage production. It uses elements with high-value, FDA-approved filter materials to achieve good performance and an economical service life when manufacturing and processing fats, oils, pastes, blends and wines.



With over 35 years’ experience, Matrix is a leading flavour manufacturer in Asia with ISO/FSSC22000/Halal/Kosher certifications. The company says it provides cost-effective and tailor-made solutions for both local and international markets. 



MOSTA has two types of membership: members and fellows. Benefits of
membership are free distribution of MOST magazines and entitlement to a member fee for all events organised by MOSTA.




Myande Group

Myande Group is one of the leading manufacturers of edible oil processing
equipment and an engineering service provider. The company’s know-how covers equipment development and manufacturing, process design, automatic control and installation and commissioning services. Myande Group is to provide highly cost-effective and custom-designed solutions.


Natural Bleach

Natural Bleach Sdn Bhd was established in 1994 and designs, manufactures and markets cost-effective, natural and high-performance acid-activated bleaching earths and their blends with activated carbons.


NEL Hydrogen

NEL Hydrogen provides on-site generators for environmentally-friendly hydrogen production through water electrolysis technology. Its range of electrolysers is recognised as robust, reliable and energy efficient. It has delivered electrolyers to numerous edible oils and fats plants worldwide.


Oils & Fats International

Oils & Fats International (OFI) produces the market-leading Oils & Fats International magazine, dedicated to addressing key issues within the oils and fats industry. It is an important piece of communication read by decision-makers throughout the industry. OFI is part of Quartz Business Media, UK.



Oiltek was incorporated in 1980 and serves the edible oil processing industry worldwide. It says its success is based on its flexible approach in accommodating various needs in different markets and environments. The
company’s support service continues long after the process plant has come onstream through its dedicated after-sales service.


Orion Biosains

Orion Biosains aims to improve agriculture with bioscience. Its SureSawit SHELL kits allow oil palm breeders, nurseries and plantations to know what they are planting. The company says its simple-to-use kit allows determination of dura, tenera or pisifera fruit forms before planting, optimising oil yield in minimal acreage.


Oxford Instruments

Oxford Instruments presents its benchtop NMR analysers for measurement of total oil content in materials such as whole seeds, palm mesocarp and pressed fibre without use of solvents. It also presents measurements of
fatty acid compositions with minimal sample preparation, in less than five minutes per sample.


Palma Tech Product Sdn. Bhd.


Pattyn Group


PLT Scientific

PLT Scientific, a scientific equipment provider in Malaysia, introduces benchtop NMR analysers from Oxford Instruments, UK. The MQC provides fasr, accurate and solvent-free measurement of oil in palm mesocarp, whereas Pulsa is a cryogen-free NMR spectrometer that is fats and convenient to determine fatty acid composition.




TMCI Padovan Group

TMCI Padovan - Chemtech is a manufacturing and process engineering company supplying the margarine, bakery, gelatine, cocoa, pastry and confectionery industries. TMCI Padovan Group manufactures single machines, engineersturnkey plants for the food and beverage industries, and provides form-fill-seal machines.


Unicorp Engineering

Unicorp is a technology provider and engineering company providing high quality, innovative and cost-effective processing plants and automatic packing lines to the edible fats industries for the making of margarine, shortening and speciality fats and packing into cartons, metal tins or plastic pails with plastic liner.*


VTA GmbH & Co. KG

VTA is a manufacturer of wiped film and short path evaporators and plants with sizes from laboratory, pilot to large production scale. VTA has its own site in Bavaria and plants for wiped film and short path distillation available to perform contract manufacturing.



Yenar AS, based in Konya, Turkey, produces spin cast chilled iron rolls for cracking and flaking mills. Its production range is from 100mm to 800mm in diameter and up to 2,500mm in length.















































































































































































* Information about Intersonikon Engineering Sdn Bhd and Unicorp Engineering (S) Pte Ltd have been taken from the details which OFI got provided for the OFI Asia 2013 exhibitor catalogue. Information about BASF have been taken from the details which OFI got provided for the OFI Turkey 2012 exhibitor catalogue.