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Standards for food fortification

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has set out standards for fortification of basic food items such as milk, wheat flour and cooking oil with micronutrients and is also weighing up legislation to make some fortification compulsory, just-food reported on 25 November.

Kuldeep Sharma, founder of Suruchi Consultants in New Delhi, said the FSSAI was drafting new regulations that would insist primary food products were "fortified with Vitamin A and D".

An official at dairy manufacturer Amul told just-food that the FSSAI was planning moves towards compulsory fortification.

The just-food report said the agency had started a push to fortify foods including milk, wheat flour and cooking oil with nutrients including iron, folic acid and zinc, as well as vitamins A, D and B12.

According to India’s Hexagon Nutrition, the overall quantity of fortified oils in India stood at around 10% of total branded edible oils in the country (see ‘Fighting Malnutrition’, OFI July/August 2016). The main reason for this low level was the presence of loose/unbranded oils in India, which made up almost 40-50% of the entire edible oils market.

The company said the process of fortifying oil with vitamins Ad, D and E cost INR 0.08-0.15/kg of oil (US$0.001-0.002).


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